Conor Oberst – Upside Down Mountain


Bright Eyes (a.k.a Conor Oberst) has kept true to his raw and authentic indie folk rock sound with his latest release Upside Down Mountain. Known for his artistic choice of lyrics and intimate music, Conor Oberst is letting his sound grow, and flourish.

The album is a cluster of emotions, youthful experiences and chaotic-yet-understandable musicality. One of the best songs on the album, “Hundreds of Ways is an excellent example, with dark and poignant lyrics, coupled with joyful, pop-filled melodies.

An Oberst album would not be complete without a song about family love and childhood memories, and with only an acoustic guitar and his voice, “You Are Your Mother’s Child is that song.

Upside Down Mountain is an excellent album overall, encompassing a hearty range of feelings and melodies.

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  1. […] accompanying band is not enough, the polished and rustic voice of Baxter (who sounds very close to Conor Oberst) certainly give the songs the final ingredient needed for the perfect recipe for spellbinding song […]

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