Sage Francis – Copper Gone


Sage Francis was the first rapper to sign with a punk label, and if you’re familiar with his work, you can understand why. His heavy, and aggressive beats and rapping style make him a popular choice within the alternative/underground hip-hop scene. And his lyrical content contribute to his additional popularity within the punk scene.

Most of his tracks bring attention to the issues and problems of modern society, media and even hip hop, and after returning from his four year hiatus, Copper Gone continues to be an outlet for his frustration. Fortunately, his frustration transforms well into art.

The opening track “Pressure Cooker” explodes, blowing the dust off his sound with force, and is a bold explanation of his break from music. From there, the songs slow down, but his dissection of the world increases.

“Cheat Code” is an explicit mockery of contemporary hip hop, cracking jokes about “YOLO” and lack of authentic lyrisists. The accompaning beat even sounds mocking, with cheesy electronic synths and abnoxiously artifical drum tracks.

The rest of the album brings light to the unsteady structures of everyday lifestyles, and the off-centered direction the music industry is heading – doing it with style and skill.

Stream the full album here and hear for yourself.

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