Passenger – Whispers


British indie folk singer/songwriter Mike Rosenberg (better known as Passenger) has released his fifth studio album Whispers, where he keeps true to his passionate reflection of life and death.

Rosenberg admits the album is the most “up” album he has ever written, and the opening track “Coins in a Fountain is evidence of that – which features a toe-tapping folk-pop intro – along side tracks such as “Thunder and “27, which celebrate life and it’s unpredictability.

Of course, a Passenger album is not complete without wistful, somber songs, and there are a few that balance well with the more uplifting tracks.

Golden Leaves, and “Rolling Stone are perfect examples of the traditional Passenger sound.

The balancing of his raw voice, and soothing musical accompainment allow the lyrics to be heard and understood, while the music supports his expressed emotions; the entire album is flawless journey through the companionship of passion and music.

Stream the entire album via Youtube.

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