Linkin Park – Hunting Party

It’s been almost 15 years since Linkin Park released their hard-hitting debut album Hybrid Theory, and with their latest release Hunting Party their sound is coming full circle….almost.

With many similarities to their early sound, Hunting Party is slowly filtering out the electronic influences that seem to have infected their last few albums, and bringing back the aggression and heaviness. The opening track “Keys to the Kingdom” starts the album in the right direction, and the first few tracks do their best to keep up with a distinguishable influence from punk and nu-metal (“War” being a perfect example).

Mike Shinoda finally chimes in on the sixth track “Wastelands”, with Chester Bennington taking almost all responsibility for vocals on the album.

The album takes a dip back into their more recent electronic-pop sound with “Until It’s Gone” and “Rebellion”, but eventually recover with “Drawbar”, which features guitarist Tom Morello on the passionate instrumental track.

Hopefully the new album is stepping stone heading back towards their original sound, but either way it is a decent record from the band.

Decide for yourself – stream the album via YouTube.

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