Ed Sheeran – X


Ed Sheeran is learning his BEDMAS backward with his sophomore album X [pronounced multiply], following his debut +.

And although Sheeran‘s popularity is growing exponentially, his sound has not changed considering – aside from the uncharacteristic pop single “Sing”.

The opening track “One” is a delicate and charming example of his talent when pairing together his vocal abilites and acoustic guitar songwriting. The remainder of the album essentially shares this quality, and although the album comes across as sappy at times, he is

Break-up track “Nina”, summer-love song “Tenerfie Sea” and daddy-problems tune “Runaway” share numerous similarities to fellow singer/songwriter Jason Mraz with his percussive guitar melodies, and cross between spoken-word and acoustic singing vocals.

Adding a fresh twist to the album, “The Man” features Ed Sheeran‘s rapping abilites – which are worth a nod. It’s not only a catchy tune, but also a well-timed tune to add a new pace to his uniform sound.

Although nothing award-winning, and slightly over-done with love songs, it is definitely an enjoyable collection from the talented red-head.

Listen to the entire album via YouTube.

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