Young Liars – Tidal Wave


Following up their June 2014 EP release Night Window, Vancouver’s Young Liars are releasing their first full – length album Tidal Wave.

The indie synth-pop group combine together all the best qualities of synth-pop – catchy hooks, ambient intros, and layers of instrumentals – with addictive pop melodies, bouncing percussions and fun-loving lyrics for an engaging summer album.

“Young Again” and “Night Window” are top tracks on the album, and are supported by addictive electro-pop tunes throughout the full-length.

“Dreams” closely resembles Two Door Cinema Club’s sound with guitar-pop melodies and dance-pop drum patterns.

Varying and well-paced, the album almost follows the shape of a tidal wave, building and crashing through luscious tracks. has the full album to stream.

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