Bassnectar – Noise vs. Beauty


One of the best EDM albums to date, and with over 50 collaborators, Bassnectar has just released his latest work Noise vs. Beauty.

Unlike most well-known EDM DJs who keep to their specific style (which at times can come across as uniform and identical to other tracks), Bassnectar finds a way to branch out further, and can pull in more diverse influences with accuracy and talent.

House, trance, dubstep, and even classical all make an appearance on the album, in varifying forms and intensity.

The opening track F.U.N. builds up combining hip-hop rhythmns, house build ups and dubstep breakdowns to create one of the most intense and exciting electronic tracks (your repeat button is in for a workout).

Building right back into his revved-up style, Now instantly drops in, leaving you with a strong and delicious trap flavour in your eardrum- tastebuds (if those existed).

Flexing his wide spectrum of DJing talent, “Loco Ono features the wub-dub of dubstep, but with a slightly more controlled chaos that gives it a tighter, more polished sound.

The rest of the album switches through different styles, like “You & Me” with a subtle deep-house feel, “Hold On”, which carries a more chill-step sound, and “Noise” with another trap-esque track.

A must-have for any music lover, the entire album is streaming on Bassnecter’s SoundCloud page. 

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