Slow Club – Complete Surrender


Hypnotically soulful, and refreshingly ranging, Slow Club‘s newest album Complete Surrender is a terrific showcase of British talent.

Opening up with the smooth and synth-filled “Tears of Joy”, the harmonizing vocals of Charles Watson and Rebecca Taylor flow through your speakers with elements of soul and R&B to create a crisp and cool track.

The pace of the album stays fairly mellow for the most part, with surprisingly explosive verses and choruses from time to time, such as the ending of “Everything is New”, the peppy track,”Suffering You, Suffering Me” and the uplifting “The Pieces”, which includes an blaring horn verse.

The second half of the album begins to bump the brakes, with soft and dramatic tracks like “Number One” and “Not Mine to Love”.

The duo share vocal responsibilites, keeping the album moving foward with a see-saw effect, giving themselves an extra edge on the album.

Start to finish with top-notch songs, you can listen to the entire album via

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