Got A Girl – I Love You, But I Must Drive Off This Cliff Now


Sauve, classy and seductive, Got A Girl sounds like the soundtrack to a 1960’s French film – but in English of course.

American-duo Dan “The Automator” Nakamura and Mary Elizabeth Winstead have released their debut album I Love You But I Must Drive Off This Cliff Now.

Channeling the influences from 60s swing-pop, the album is a unique and refreshing variation amongst the indie pop scene, and even though almost all of the tracks on the album are virtually identical, each seems to add a new feeling and pace to the album.

The first four tracks are mellow and bewitching, from “Did We Live Too Fast” to “Everywhere I Go”, but the album steps up a notch with the pop-tune “Last Stop” which bleeds into the favourite from the album “There’s A Revolution”, which is full of bounce and energy.

The album returns back to the 60s-chamber pop sound with “Put Your Head Down” and stays there for the remainder of the album.

Comparable to Lana Del Rey, but with more of a pulse, the album is a laid-back must-have.

Stream the entire album via HypeMachine.

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