Wakey!Wakey! – Salvation


Alternative indie-pop artist Michael Grubbs a.k.a Wakey!Wakey!, has released his latest work Salvation, a refreshingly cheerful collection, which is slightly out of character for Grubbs, with most of his previous work being dark and pessimistic.

Nevertheless, it is pleasant on the ears and is well-layered from start to finish.

Complete with a basic drum beat, hand claps, a chorus of “Whoa-oh-oh” and whistling, “All It Takes is a Little Love” opens the album with a feel-good pop song, and sets the tone for the rest of the album, competiting with “Wake Up (Lily I Love You)” for best song on the album.

Of course, there are inevitable album-fillers, such as “Nothing’s Cool” which is slower, synth-pop track that seems to repeat for 3-minutes, or “Anhedonia” – the pulsating loneliness ballad.

“Waste Away” picks up the album a little more, with a subtle taste of 90’s pop rock, followed by “Always and Forver”, “Salvation” and “Homeland” (which sounds like a Savage Garden song) – finishing the album on a similar note as it began.

Listen to the full album via The Wall Street Journal.

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