Arkells – High Noon

Canada’s favourite indie rockers The Arkells are back with their third and latest album High Noon – and the Hamilton natives are doing what they do best. Full to the brim with melodic hooks and foot-tapping rhythms, the 11 – track collection is keeping up with the synth/electro pop sound that is increasing in popularity, but without going overboard (maybe working with Tony Hoffer in L.A. had something to do with that).

Come to Light, the second track on the album, shows the band’s ability to keep up with the indie pop trends, incorporating some electronic influences, but remaining true to their dance-rock roots. “11:11 follows a similar pattern, and is another stellar hit from the Canadian band.

Moving down the track list is like shooting fish in a barrel – you’re sure to get a hit.

“Cynical Bastards”, “Never Thought That This Would Happen, and “Leather Jacket are all stand-out songs, and each could have easily blended in with the tracklist of Jackson Square or Michigan Left – which is the best part.

The Arkells haven’t changed much, but they somehow keep getting better and better.

Listen to the full album via CBC Music.

To buy the album visit: or via iTunes. 

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