Roadkill Ghost Choir – In Tongues


Florida’s Roadkill Ghost Choir are starting their music career on the right foot with their energetic debut album In Tongues. Rich with southern folk and rock influences, the 10- track LP has a perfect tone for the nearing of autumn.

Most of the tracks were written while touring, and the band’s wide spread travel schedule was a major influence for the album, giving In Tongues a certain momentum.

The opening track “Slow Knife” hits all the right notes and sounds, beginning with a smooth country-esque guitar riff, and eventually exploding into a canyon-wide chorus.

The folk-flushed “HWY” features a banjo riff and horn section that gives the song another dimension and bigger sound.

“A Blow to the Head” flaunts the bands versitility, with a 4-minute dramatic and gradual build-up, that then ignites a bellowing explosion and instrumental conclusion to the song. It then mellows down into “I Could See Everything” before coming back up into the 70’s rock track “No Enemy”, which also features a fiery guitar solo and crashing ending.

“Dead Friend” is a passionate and climactic 8-minute track that starts off slow, all the while creating a slow trail of notes, eventually giving way for the lyrics and emotion to shine through more clearly before releasing the big finale.

Ending the album on a softer pace, “See You Soon” features the gentle strumming of an acoustic guitar and whispering vocals, backed by warm horn arrangements.

In Tongues is a solid collection from the Florida group, and an exceptional album from the new releases this month.

Stream the full album via Consequence of Sound

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