The New Pornographers – Brill Bruisers


Canadian supergroup The New Pornographers have returned yet again to the music scene with Brill Bruisers. Bringing back their revolutionary indie rock pop sound that is almost impossible to replicate, the new album delivers from all sides.

The opening track “Brill Bruisers instantly throws the listener into a bouncy castle of pop hooks and electrified melodies. A.C. Newman leads the vocal pack, while being strongly supported by Neko Case. From start to finish, the song is an instant hit.

Following the title track is the dreamy synth pop song “Champions of Red Wine, continuing to give the album a strong start.

Jumping to the fourth track, “War on the East Coast is by far the best track on the album, with layers upon layers of instrumentals and musical textures. Newman triumphantly delivers a 80’s britpop vocal performance that is elevated by the energetic and stellar musicians that put the “super” in supergroup.

Power-pop track “Backstairs” keeps The New Pornographers‘ updated sound in motion, with heavy synthesizer influence and 70s/80s pop melodies.

The centre of the 13-track album is full with solid songs that would only be categorized as B-side due to the stellar hits leading the pack. “Another Drug Deal of the Heart” and “Born with a Sound” are safe rock-pop contributions to the album that aim to please, but don’t quite stand out.

Dancehall Domine is a competiting track for top spot, with the low-tone verses matched with the high-energy, lively tones and harmonies of the chorus, which is quietly outlined with “oo-oo-aa-aa”‘s.

Decorative and different, “Spidyr momentarily drops the tempo of the album to a steady pulse, but ends by bursting through the song’s ceiling.

“You Tell Me Where” caps off Brill Bruisers on a high note with dance-floor rock melodies in exuberant fashion.

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