Formed almost by coincidence, WISH‘s Kyle Connolly had planned to record a solo album, after writing songs with The Milk Lines and Beliefs. Unexpectedly, a few members from his former bands showed up at the studio, and with that, WISH have released their self-titled debut album.

The psych-rock collection begins with the distortion-filled track “The Days”, which leads into the breezy, chill-rock, Tame Impala-esque “Nothing to Say”.

Drawing together influences from different genres, “Slacker” is a post-rock style track; soley instrumental and differently textured with each verse, it gives simplicity a good name. The hypnotic “Frances in Space” shares a similar style, with repetition and absence of vocals.

“Retro Grade” continues to showcase the band’s love for distortion and effects with lo-fi rock that adds another level through experimental guitar which makes an appearance throughout the song.

unknowns is the most dense track on the album, with layers of guitars, bass, percussion and vocals in cooperative chaos.

Consequence of Sound has a stream of the entire album.

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