Zeus – Classic Zeus


Toronto indie rockers Zeus have released their fourth album Classic Zeus, with the band’s sound evolving from 70s-based guitar rock, into a contemporary indie guitar/synth pop style.

Catchy and polished right from the start, “Where Is My Love? sets the album off on the right foot.

Miss My Friends is a well-timed track as the summer nears its end; the sunny guitar-pop hooks and lyrics fit well with the time of year as university and college students return to campus (it also happens to be an excellent indie pop track).

Full of musical textures and refreshing harmonies, “Everybody’s Got One is soft and soulful synth pop song that is reminiscent of The Beatles with a modern-day spin.

The second half of the album brings back the original-Zeus sound, which is especially true in “Bonnieview, the mellow-rock track.

The nostalgic and bouncy indie rock track “27 is the New 17 is very much so “classic Zeus”, with sweet harmonies and bright guitar melodies, and is a definite highlight from the album.

 Psych-rock track “You Could Have A Lover brings down the ambience of the album to gently end on the acoustic-rock track “Throw It On the Fire”.

Classic Zeus takes the band’s new and old sound to create a new Canadian indie rock favourite, giving their fans the best of both worlds.

Listen to the album via Exclaim.ca.

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