Delta Spirit – Into the Wide


Dramatic and sensitive, Brooklyn-based indie rock band Delta Spirit have shared their latest work Into the Wide.

“Push It” opens the album with an untouchable musical force that refuses to retreat. The echoing vocals of Matthew Vasquez collide with the vibrations of the instrumental accompaniment for a colossal and psychadelic track.

From Now On, the first single to be released from the album maintains the level of intensitiy by contributing energetic vocals and punchy percussion, alongside a commanding chorus hook.

Like a rapid and grandiose fireworks display, “Live On is majestic and explosive. The song is fairly simple, but within the simplicity the band produces a raw and irreplacable zeal.

Adding in a dash on electronic influences, “Take Shelter” has Vasquez singing with Bono-esque characterisitcs, while being supported reverberating guitars and drums from Delta Spirit.

The title track “Into the Wide” is rollercoaster of sound and emotion, with an eventual sky-bound ending that leaves an internal ringing deep down.

“Language of the Dead” and “For My Enemy” bring new life to 90s alternative rock with U2 and Savage Garden qualities.

A piano interlude slows the final part of the album, gracefully blending into the climactic “War Machine”, which then returns the cycle back to a tender piano phrase.

“Wreck” caps off the album in a similar fashion, with a gradual increase of noise and fervency to complete a dramatic grand finale.

With every song from Into the Wide being larger than life, it is difficult not to listen to it over and over.

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