Sir Sly – You Haunt Me


Sir Sly have struck gold with their debut album You Haunt Me. The Los Angeles trio have created one of the best electro-rock albums of 2014, finding a solid blend between electronic and rock.

Beginning on a heavy and textured sound, “Where I’m Going” starts the album with a sensation of anxiousness and mystery with the electro-pop track.

The second track on the album, “Ghost” shares a strong influence with CHVRCHES and Foster the People, containing low, synth tones vibrating throughout the underlining of the track, and higher vocal tones and catchy pop melodies.

“Gold”, the third song from You Haunt Me, continues with the low-tone theme, with a series of synthesizers and instruments working together to create a dark, yet catchy pop track. (Fun fact: the Betablock3r remix was used in a Cadillac commercial).

Uncanningly similar to Foster the People, the title track “You Haunt Me” sounds could have easily appeared on Supermodel (FTP’s latest album). The vibrant synth tones and harmonies, combined with the “ohhh ohhh ohhh” of the chorus gives the album a song to be proud of.

Skipping ahead to “Nowhere / Bloodlines Pt I”, an obvious familiarity to Bastille shows up in the percussion lines, while lead singer Landon Jacobs continues to sound like Mark Foster.

There is always one track that blows the rest out of the water and “Inferno”, which features the powerful female vocals of Lizzy Plapinger of MS MR, gets the job done with a captivating and explosive chorus strongly executed by the well balanced vocal pairing of Jacobs and Plapinger.

Displaying some emotion and sensitivity, “Floods” is a heartfelt song that is both well written and well composed. It opens up with ringing organ chords and the candid lyrics “What the hell did I do wrong / Doesn’t matter now you’re gone” that instantly set the mood for the passionate track, creating a confliciting feeling of wanting to reflect while wanting to dance.

Basic, yet brisk, “Helpless / Bloodlines Pt II” finishes off the album with deep bass lines and striped-down electro-rock for “Helpless”, and then switches channels for “Bloodlines Pt II” with an acoustic completion.

Stream the entire album via Pigeons and Planes.

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