SBTRKT – Wonder Where We Land


Featuring eight collaborations and a number of different musical influences, SBTRKT has released his latest work Wonder Where We Land. The 15- track collection combines electronic music with various, well-fitting styles, such as soul, R&B and indie rock.

 “Day 1” and “Wonder Where We Land” open the album with deep bass tones and soulful vocals from frequent collaborator Sampha, swiftly moving into the sonic and reverberating track “Latern”.

SBKTRKT shows off his musical flexibility with the hip-hop track “Higher which features rapper Raury’s crystal clear lyrics sliding across the instrumentals.

With the emotion and simplicity of trip-hop, “Look Away features the vocals of Caroline Polachek (a.k.a Ramona Lisa) which add a sense of eeriness and dissonance to the dark and dismal track.

Finding melody in sound, “Osea” is purely instrumental that acts as an interlude to the soul-track “Temporary View, which features Sampha once again doing what we does best.

Hands down the funkiest and most playful song on the album, “New Dorp. New York is bass-driven and shows a strong Vampire Weekend influence with both the sound manipulation and the vocals of the lead singer Ezra Koenig, who has been sharing his voice for many recent projects. Practically setting itself up for a remix, “New Dorp. New York” is ready to dance.

Bringing himself back to his roots, “Everybody Knows” is the DJ-Producers signature electro-house sound with a polished touch and perfect placement on the album, transitioning into the electro-R&B track “Problem Solved” featuring British songstress Jessie Ware.

Appearing twice more, Sampha loans his voice for “If It Happens” and the funk-pop track “Gon Stay”.

Obscure and raw, “The Light featuring Denai Moore was the first track to be released from the album, and is another soulful, electronic song for the record.

Experimenting with the hip-hop sound and both the final collaboration and final song from Wonder Where We Land, A$AP Ferg features his lyrics on “Voices in My Head“. 

SBTRKT seems to do all the right things on his second full length album.

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