Ok Go – Hungry Ghosts


OK Go have become a successful household name with their captivating music videos and entertaining songs. The Chicago rock band has tweaked their music trajectory with their fourth album Hungry Ghosts, embracing electronic music and experimentation with open arms.

The new style instantly erupts with “Upside Down & Inside Out”, sounding like a cosmic ray gun of catchy hooks and altered vocals. The song launches the energy level of the album sky-high; the lyrics “don’t stop / can’t stop” sum up the song.

The first music video and single from the album “The Writing on the Wall is the only track produced by Tony Hoffer (he’s worked with M83, The Kooks, Phoenix), and you can hear the difference. The song has a hint of 80s synth-pop, with spacious vocals and pop hooks. The contemporary sound the band is shooting for is working well – plus the music video is a complex optical illusion.

Reverting back to a modern take on electronic music, “Turn Up the Radio is textured and catchy, with synthesizers stealing the show. In turn, “I’m Not Through” is a percussion-based track with the simple electro-rock beat holding the song together, so the disco synth solo and distorted guitar can sweep away the listener.

Speaking of disco, “I Won’t Let You Down is a funky, 70s influenced track, with the spirit of The Jackson 5 making it impossible not to dance (sitting down or standing up).

 “Obsession” transitions into a more 90s-esque electronic feeling (it’s hard not to compare it to Daft Punk), while “The Great Fire” fashions a subtle trip-hop sensation. Even the album filler tracks, such as the colourful “Bright As Your Eyes”, or the ambient “If I Had a Mountain” are addictive.

It’s not always an easy road when a band changes their sound, but Ok Go has got it down.

Listen to the full album via Hype Machine and experience it for yourself!

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