Bear’s Den – Islands


One of England’s finest folk-pop bands Bear’s Den have finally released their first full length album Islands. The trio formed back in 2012 and have been touring and writing music ever since. Islands is a combination of both their original EPs, Agape and Cardigan, along with a few soon-to-be favourites.

 Agape opens the folk album with a warm banjo and acoustic melody, met with lead singer Andrew Davie’s glowing vocals, which are then backed by Joey Haynes’ and Kevin Jones’ sweet-sounding harmonies. “The Love We Stole” follows a similar format, with catchy folk melodies and full band vocals.

The cherry on top of a beautiful album, “Above the Clouds of Pompeii is a heart-warming song, taking the basics of the instruments and combining them with meaningful lyrics. Supported with a plush horn section, the song concludes with grace and passion.

Banjo rhythms flowing together with the acoustic guitar is a defining characteristic for Bear’s Den. “Isaac, the fourth song from Islands, is an excellent example, with the instrumentations leading the way for the slow song. “Think of England” is the perfect track to follow, with a more triumphant focus on the musicality.

Known for their honest and tender lyrics, and passionate musicality, “Elysium brings the album closer to its end, but not without plucking at the heartstrings once more. Combining every defining aspect of the band – tender vocals, cycling melodies between a banjo and guitar, and a supportive horn section – “Elysium also has an accompanying anecdotal music video.

Listen to the full album via The New York Times, and buy your copy here.

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