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Saskatoon’s Close Talker celebrated their two-year anniversary earlier this year, and now in late 2014, these prairie indie rockers have released their sophomore album Flux. Their newest work was recorded over a course of only three weeks in Montreal with the help of Besnard Lakes frontman Jake Lasek. The 10-track LP is a promising collection of solid Canadian talent.

Flux kicks off with “Heads, a spacious and wide-open track full of bright, yet heavy instrumentations that grow and shrink, then grow again with each verse and chorus. Slinging together a melodramatic rock hook, and an arresting harmonious chorus of “We left our heads back at home”, “Heads” leads the album with the strong foot first.

Maintaining the mysterious and reflective tone of the first track, “Burnstick” plays with the songs layered structure; playfully bringing instruments back in and out throughout the song. Close Talker’s ability to construct sharp and enthralling endings give each song an added treat (the final minute and a half of “Great Unknown” is an excellent example, or the guitar solo-based ending of “Patmos”).

For the Sun is a honourable mention, with the song containing three portions. First, it opens in Close Talker style: limitless-sounding guitar effects, and deep and profound vocals. Quick splashing percussion comes in to line the track, which then transitions, undetected, to a bright and crisp verse. Finally, the song ends on a bigger note, with a small build leading to the final seconds.

The dramatic two-part song “Silence” incorporates the emotional elements of post-rock, with drawn out guitar effects, and the structured chaos of sounds. “Silence II” brings the music back to solid ground with grace and a subtle sense of regret coming from the lyrics.

Bringing the musical soundscape and dramatic lyricism that is Flux to a close, “Slow Weather” artfully closes the curtains on the album.

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