Les Sins – Michael

When Chaz Bundick isn’t busy touring and performing as Toro y Moi, he captures another electronica persona as Les Sins; this other half of Bundick has recorded enough material for his debut album Michael. Incorporating the captivating elements of funk, synth-rock, and dance music, the album runs a smooth course from start to finish.

 A house beat cracks open the album with the chill-dub track “Talk About, as a unsteady synth climbs up and down the beat, whilst one line from a hip-hop track comes in an out. “Past” drops in next, with a ringing minor-key piano chord, creating a sense of unpredictability for the chill-step track, but still meets all the requirements to cause dancing.

Funky, groovy and crammed full with style, Why features the soulful vocals of Nate Salman. The inevitable characteristics of disco in a house-based synth track add a dance-pop layer to the hit track.

House-jazz track “Bother is the perfect song to follow in the track list, with funk rhythms thrown against the voice sample “don’t bother me / can’t you see I’m working”.

Fun and lively, “Sticky” makes for one of the best tracks from the album, as catchy melodies compete for the listener’s attention, while supported by a bouncing house beat. Just before reaching the end of the song, “Sticky” slows down to basic claps and snaps.

Raising the ante on the energy level, “Call” brings forward elements of electronic dance music with rave-style synthesizers and a hypnotic female voice repeating “ohhhh”.

Bringing the album to a close, “Do Right” is smooth and pleasant on the ears, making it a favourable way to finish off an animated and well-diverse synth-funk album.

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