Hail Mary Mallon – Bestiary


Based out of New York, New York, the infectious and well-versed hip-hop group Hail Mary Mallon have released their second album as a trio. Composed of Aesop RockRob Sonic, and the quick spinning of DJ Big Wiz, their sophomore collection can only be explained as dense, artistic and superb. All three members of Hail Mary Mallon were active participants of the 1990s generation of East Coast hip-hop and their experience and proficiency is fuel for excellence on Bestiary.

Right off the bat, the lyrical swapping begins with Sonic and Rock taking turns to unleash rhymes for the bass-heavy, opening track “Jonathan. The duo has an unbeatable flow and chemistry that makes any track sound seamless and organic.

Transitioning to the second track “Krill”, the tempo picks up and synthesizers make an appearance on the supporting beat, giving their old-school style an upgrade. “Used Cars” turns back time with a 90’s style beat, skilful scratching from Big Wiz, and an overall classic ambience. The rapping expertise of Rob Sonic and Aesop Rock take the spotlight on “Dollywood” and “Soup”, with the duo running their lines back and forth while a stripped-down, basic beat fill in the void space.

“Money, money, money, money, money….” rips open the track “Whales”, putting a comedic spin on the album with an undeniable satire on commercialism and money (if you can’t take a hint), all the while keeping their crisp style in check.

Dimming the lights just a touch for “Kiln, the track is fresh with dark, smoky synthesizers and disease-stricken lyrics (if you know the history of Typhoid Mary, it makes more sense). “King Cone” and “Octoberfest” tone down the energy level near the end of the album, but the production kicks back up with “The Red List” which finishes off Bestiary in East Coast style and even gives DJ Big Wiz a small scratching solo near the end.

Listen to the full album for free via Youtube –  you won’t regret it.

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