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Toronto’s best-kept secret comes in the form of electronic instrumentalist duo Snowday. Their debut album As We Travel encompasses soft textures, dense layers of instrumentations and tranquilizing melodies.

“The Seventh String” sets the tone of the album with ambient synths; overtop a layer of loosely strung melody. Most of the album follows similar suit, with a smooth transition into “A Quiet Winter”, which features Canadian singer-songwriter Kaleigh Watts delivering a haunting performance amongst the misty ambience.

A slightly more progressive style, “Walk Along These Rocks With Me” incorporates a subtle post-rock style, with an abundance of textures and sounds moving with rhythmic grace.

The frigid connotation of their name comes out with the glistening track “Alaskan Cabin”, which forms a mental picture of cold winds and seclusion with the circular loop of whispering sounds. Similarly, “A Lone Stone” opens with cold, ringing piano chords across the sedative forestry of looping percussion.

 “Eventual” brings the tempo up a notch with more vibrant tones and a meditative classical guitar riff, which blends into the playful “Days We Spent Apart”, adding another dimension to the album.

“Regeneration” is the second song from As We Travel to welcome a vocalist, this time with the raw and seductive voice of Sammy Jackson. Boasting of a more trip-hop style track, the combination of the female vocals and the crystalized composition of the song make for an enjoyable experience.

The ninth and final track from the album brings As We Travel to a close, mirroring the way it opened with looping percussion and tactile sounds.

Stream the full meditative album via Hype Machine.

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