Until the Ribbon Breaks – A Lesson Unlearnt


Amongst the growing popularity of electronic music, acts of all sorts are allowing the genre to branch out into diverse streams, combining the highlighting elements of other genres into a melting pot of creativity. Although they may not be the first to dive into the alternative electronic sound, UK’s Until the Ribbon Breaks certainly does it well. Frontman and creator Pete Lawrie-Winfield takes the minimalist electro-pop construction and blends in components of hip-hop, R&B, rock and pop for the debut full-length A Lesson Unlearnt.

Winfield takes center stage with his soft yet crisp vocals in the opening “The Other Ones (Intro)”, setting the ambience for the album. Utilizing mostly programmed drum machines and MIDI controllers, the tones used generate a cushion of vibrancy and smooth texture in songs such “Orca”, “Persia” and “Pressure”.

The British trio show off a love for blues-rock with the track “A Taste of Silver”, which incorporates a catchy guitar riff amongst the signature electronic production and sharp vocals of Pete Winfield.

Romeo, the hit single from the LP, brings out the prominent electronic production and programming while introducing a heavy pop influence through a catchy chorus riff. Slow tempo hip-hop/R&B style percussion sets up the foundation for the single that will surely be stuck in your head. If “Romeo” doesn’t, electronic dance pop track “Spark” certainly will, with up-tempo dance beats and an addictive chorus melody.

Showcasing their ability in electro-hip-hop production, “Perspective” features rapper Homeboy Sandman for a poetic verse.

Until the Ribbon Breaks were featured on Run the Jewels’ 2013 self-titled album on the track “Job Well Done and now it’s UTRB’s turn to give back. “Revolution Indifference features the year’s most powerful rap duo for an aggressively fun electro-pop-hip-hop song.

The band loans its name to the final song on the album, bringing Lesson Unlearnt full circle; minimalist percussion and tones underlie Winfield’s vocals until the last second of the album.

Until the Ribbon Breaks have set themselves up for success with their debut album that will soon find its way as a household name. The trio are currently touring in North America with London Grammar. Check out the full stream and tour dates via Exclaim!.

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