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It’s no surprise to hear that Andrew Holcomb and his band the Neighbors are based out of Nashville, Tennessee. The city which gave birth to the careers of some of the world’s best songwriters, folk singers, country musicians, and rock stars has been slowly growing the fame of Drew Holcomb since his 2005 debut album Washed in Blue. The group’s latest release, Medicine, combines some of the best southern influences from folk, country and alternative rock into a 12-track collection of passionate and spirited music.

A crisp guitar melody carries Holcomb’s serenading vocals for a beautiful song that tugs at your heartstrings whilst caressing your eardrums in “American Beauty. His lyrical choice, although simple and short, quickly becomes sentimental; “She was a good companion / Eyes like the Grand Canyon / She was an American Beauty” comes to mind.

The Neighbors officially make their appearance on the album in the second song “Tightrope”, harnessing the collective energy to show off their tight-knit musicality.

With the staggering potential to become a 2015 summer hit, “Here We Go boasts Holcomb’s vibrant guitar skills with his pseudo-folk rapping for the verses. The warm summer sun shines through during the chorus; you can almost experience the sensation of a cool drink and a warm, breezy day. A guitar and piano jam-solo are perfectly placed, as the party only gets better.

Americana rock makes an appearance on the album with the triumphant track “Shine Like Lightning”. Channelling his inner Springsteen and Bon Jovi, Holcomb delivers rocking performance brimming with positivity and energy.

Smooth, slow and seasoned with personality, “Avalanche” was one of the last singles to be released from the album. The song transitions from the slick southern vocals of Holcomb into a clean, crisp guitar solo and then back again into the love-struck lyrics of “What can I do / Your love is like an avalanche”.

The theme of love and affection continue with “Heartbreak” and the poetically graceful song “You’ll Always Be My Girl”.

Quickly snapping out of the earnest series of songs, “Sister and Brothers” brings a strong alternative rock influence into the album, with distorted guitars, a poppy chorus melody and even a rock-based guitar solo. “Last Thing We Do” adds a subtle southern flare to the alternative energy, before coming back down for the folk-based track “Ain’t Nobody Got It Easy”.

The remainder of the album, “I’ve Got You” and “When It’s All Said and Done”, capture Drew Holcomb’s song writing abilities, both musical and lyrical to bring Medicine to a close with just his voice and guitar.

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