The Cribs – For All My Sisters


Since forming back in 2001, the Jarman brothers have been an important component of the Brit-indie rock scene with their DIY/lo-fi attitude. Giving rise to the 21st-century indie Brit-rock scene that is often left behind due to the hidden charm and unpolished surface, The Cribs have become influential with their ability to consistently re-produce the “Cribs” sound. Continuing their success the three-piece, family project have released their sixth studio album For All My Sisters.

Their staple combination of fuzz-filled guitar riffs, pop simplicity, and garage rock vocals has not changed for the band’s latest record; the refreshingly raw and genuine sound that has shaped The Cribs’ career continues to propel them forward. From the opening track “Finally Free”, the pop-hooks latch themselves to your memory.

The addictive riffs, masked behind the unfiltered Cribs quality, come through track after track; the oos of “Different Angle”, jangly guitars of “Burning for No One” and pop-punk flavour of “Mr. Wrong” make up the subsequent three tracks on the album and each could stand on its own as a single.

Even though the band’s sound has not strayed away too far from their current formula, the quick-hit-one-take style of their earlier records comes back to life with tracks such as “City Storms”, “Summer of Chances” and “Spring on Broadway”.

Loyal fans of the Wakefield trio will only be pleased with For All My Sisters. The Brit-rock sound, filled to the top with lo-fi pop hooks and straightforward hits is something to get excited about. Test the waters with an album-teaser stream courtesy of the Guardian.

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