Laura Sauvage – You’ve Changed

Montreal/New Brunswick indie folk rock band Les Hay Babies have spent the last three years on the road, touring across North America and Europe. In due part of the nomadic lifestyle, singer/guitarist Vivianne Roy began working on a solo project under the pseudonym Laura Sauvage.

She has officially released her first single with the new monkier titled “You’ve Changed”. Setting aside the folk background and influences, the song embraces more rock-based structure, with ringing guitar chords and a simple, steady 4/4 time signature. Roy’s slightly hesitant vocals ask “Are you mad?” throughout the chorus, but amongst her soft delivery lies a pleasant, forgiving sound.

EDIT (August 19, 2015) 

Laura Sauvage has announced her debut EP will be titled Americana Submarine, and will be available October 2nd.

Enjoy the single below through her bandcamp page.

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