Peregrine Falls – Barrel Fire

Vancouver’s neo-jazz-punk-inprovisational duo Peregrine Falls have thankfully shared their fiery, blisteringly frantic music with the world. Composed of Kenton Loewen (drums) and Gord Grdina (guitar), the two musicians released their EP Two Fish back in the fall of 2014. Fast forward to now, Peregrine Falls have announced they are expecting to release their debut full-length sometime in 2016.

Photo by Frank Yang
Photo by Frank Yang

In anticipation of the new project, the duo have shared the music video for the math-rock, jazz-inspired track “Barrel Fire”. The eyebrow-raising track throws together fluctuating time signatures, copious amounts of percussive textures, and frantic guitar playing that finds structure within the chaos. By the end of it, a gust of amazement hits and “Barrel Fire” will have you gasping for air, and shouting “Again! Again!”.

Watch the retro-montage video below. You can also stream their EP Two Fish here, and check out their tour dates.

Tour Dates

Vancouver – Levitation Festival (June 5)

Winnipeg – Winnipeg Jazz Festival (June 20)

Vancouver – Vancouver International Jazz Festival (June 26)

Ottawa – Ottawa Jazz Festival (June 27)

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