Husky – Drunk

Australian singer-songwriter Husky Gawenda and bandmate/cousin Gideon Preiss are releasing their sophomore full-length Ruckers Hill on June 2nd. In conjunction with the announcement, the folk duo shared the music video for their first single “Saint Joan” a few weeks back.

With only a week remaining before Ruckers Hill hits shelves, Husky have shared the second single from the new album:  “Drunk”. Genuine, warm, and forgiving, the song has the Aussie pair putting themselves in a vulnerable position, and thankfully so.

Photo courtesy of Webster Media
Photo courtesy of Webster Media

Lyrically, the song represents a time in Gawenda’s life that he would rather discard from memory: “I had to make a mess of things in order to arrive back where I started”. Accompanying the self-reflective words, the music video follows the musician’s path of destruction in a fluid cascade across a dining room table.

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