Paper Anthem – Trinity Eye

Small town singer-songwriter Joseph Hitchcock (a.k.a. Paper Anthem) released his debut album By Ghosts back in April to positive reviews and applause. Drawing together influences from pop, rock, and even piano rock, his first single “Cardboard Cove” (which is streaming below) built up the respective anticipation for the warm-spirited collection.

Photo courtesy of Planetary Group
Photo courtesy of Planetary Group

A month since the release date, By Ghosts has been growing in popularity amongst campus radio stations and indie music websites. Aiming to expand on the exponential growth, Paper Anthem has shared his newest single “Trinity Eye”.

Heavily guitar-oriented, “Trinity Eye” instantly radiates a shimmery mirage of effects, while Hitchcock’s vocals take centre stage, carrying the song’s hook and melody.

Stream both tracks here:

Cardboard Cove: 

Trinity Eye: 

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