Ivory Hours – Morning Light

As the Canadian indie pop scene continues to flourish and dispense new artists, it can be difficult to spot the best and the brightest amongst the wave of talent. Based out of London, Ontario, Ivory Hours are claiming their spot in the limelight, as the trio have released their debut full length Morning Light this week. Brimming with positivity, the new album is smoothly glued together by infatuating melodies, warm harmonies and upbeat, dance-along tracks.

Photo courtesy of Ivory Hours
Photo courtesy of Ivory Hours

Simple put: Morning Light is entertaining and fun. Jangling, layered pop rhythms, mixed in with polished vocal hooks, and energetic dance-rock melodies are the perfect components for a great time – which is exactly what the genre represents.

Opening with the melodic song “Dreamer”, Ivory Hours step on the gas pedal and do not let up, with a groovy verse that eventually dips into a heavy, pop-based chorus for a stellar start. Not holding back the fun, the rest of the album follows similar suit, continuously bursting with energy and funk, especially with the lead single “I Won’t” and “Warpaint”. Lead singer/guitarist Luke Roes struts his dance-rock style on the chorus of “Animal”, with bassist Chris Levesque and drummer Thomas Perquin close behind for another engaging and fun-loving song.

With summer fast approaching, the sun-licked approach of indie pop music makes Morning Light a warmly welcomed collection into anyone’s summer playlist. “Like Them”, “Sleep Alone”, and “The Young and Beautiful” approach the end of the album with bright, bubbly pop tunes, but not before closing with the blistering, alternative rock title track.

Ivory Hours’ music has a certain charm to it; the simple indie pop song structure is transformed into something subtly complex and inviting. Riding on the success of their independently released EPs and local success from winning the 2013 98.1 Free FM Under the Covers contest, the London trio have their eyes set on bigger and better things, and Morning Light is going to help them get there. Joining the likes of Zerbin, and The Elwins (both of which have released stellar debut albums this year), Ivory Hours are breaking through. Stream the full album via Exclaim!.

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