Chastity – Manning Hill

Chastity come from the “bleak, suburban sprawl” of Whitby, Ontario (their words). Former bible camp attendees, the lo-fi-punk rock group ignored their religious upbringing, and instead turned their mischievous, boring childhood into loud, headstrong music.

Photo courtesy of Chastity

Capturing the rebellious roots of punk, and slamming together rigid pop hooks and distortion-fuelled power, Chastity have shared the new music video for “Manning Hill”. Director Justin Singer met the band’s frontman Brandon Williams at the aforementioned bible camp, and “luckily, he wasn’t brain washed like some of [their] old pals”, and was just as interested to make a ruckus to turn it into a music video.

Like many before them, “Manning Hill” features skateboarding, girls, and wild, wild fun with the grey, suburban neighbourhoods of Whitby as the backdrop; a great soundtrack for any reckless nights ahead.

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Upcoming shows:

June 19 (2PM) – 159 Manning BBQ – Toronto, ON
June 19 (9PM) – Silver Dollar Room with Dilly Dally/No Joy – Toronto ON

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