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Nova Scotia rock outfit Rain Over St. Ambrose have released their sophomore album Still Waking Up this week, and with their familiar gusto, and timeless rock n’ roll flare, the new LP is exhilarating and compelling, holding out until the very end. Like the sublime expansiveness of the east coast’s natural beauty, Still Waking Up repurposes the capricious Atlantic Ocean, and the magnetic brilliance of the Nova Scotia forests into a musical experience.

Photo by Channing Bruchell; courtesy of Pigeon Row
Photo by Channing Bruchell; courtesy of Pigeon Row

With the explosive entrance of the opening track “29 Takes”, an internal sense of what is to follow will be just as brilliant arises; the genuine, blistering rock n’ roll zeal of the track radiates a strong sense of home-grown power that can’t be manufactured, rather it is something that must develop.

Continuing to emit a fresh sense of home and community, “Broken Love” combines the rich, foot-stomping persona of Canadian folk together with Rain Over St. Ambrose’s commanding rock sound. The way the song continues to build, and the grizzly vocals of lead singer Cory LeBlanc, complimented by the soft voice of singer-songwriter Jennah Barry is empowering and resounding,

Incorporating elements of folk rock, “Petty Thief” and “1×1” are lead by booming chorus and full-band harmonies, preserving the strong sense of Canadian musicianship. “Wasted Days”, the heavy-hitting “Death of a Salesman”, and the vigorously dynamic title track return the album to its initial energetic sound. Still Waking Up lets off the brake, continuing to accelerate towards the finish line: the instrumental, cinematic track “Un Orage” tees up  “Talk Talk Talk”, ending everything with a feisty, resilient anthem, bringing the album full circle.

Photo by Channing Bruchell; courtesy of Pigeon Row
Photo by Channing Bruchell; courtesy of Pigeon Row

Not for the faint of heart, the Yarmouth outfit are a band worth exploring. Creating their own blend of folk and rock n’ roll, Rain Over St. Ambrose sculpt the rugged landscape of Eastern Canada into music that is bold, blistering, and beautiful.

AUX is streaming the full album, and you can support the band by purchasing your copy through Acadian Embassy.

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