Josh Flagg – Lights Out EP

New York based alternative singer-songwriter Josh Flagg and his band have released their Lights Out EP this week, and as a precursor for their upcoming full length, the three track alternative rock collection is an impressive look into what is to come.

Josh Flegg (Photo courtesy of Planetary Group)
Josh Flagg
(Photo courtesy of Planetary Group)

Heavily riff-oriented, the album captures the energetic, emotive side of alternative music by expertly switching between powerful choruses and distinct, captivating verses; the album has a welcoming pop demeanour and an engaging rock n’ roll spirit that originates with “Lights Out” and holds out until the explosive ending of “Poison the Well”.

Enjoy the EP below and stay tuned for the full length out this fall.

Edited: July 14, 2015

Flagg has unveiled the new music video for the title track “Lights Out”; enjoy the black and white collection of head shots set to the captivating song below:

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