Maff – Maff EP

Hailing from Santiago, Chile, alternative-shoegaze quartet Maff have released their 8-track self-titled EP. Branching together elements of alternative rock, melodic shoegaze, and distorting pop melodies, the new album blurs the edges of each influencing genre to become an abstract, colourful concoction.

Maff (Photo courtesy of Shameless Promotion)
(Photo courtesy of Shameless Promotion)

Atmospheric guitar riffs, heavy-handed drums, and distant, whispering vocals open the album on “Walking on Fire”, eventually building to a climatic, gravity-defying conclusion as the sounds and instruments travel freely outwards. Moving down the track list, the original style carries through as “You”, “Linger Around”, the explosion-detonating “Planet Wave”, and concluding instrumental track “Act 1” build upon their own instrumentation for power-hungry songs. “Million Dollar Picnic”, “Blue Seas”, and the tranquil track “Someday” show the band’s guitar-oriented dream-pop ability and style.

Recorded in their own studio known as “The Lab”, you can listen to the debut EP below:

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