Spells of Vertigo – Soaked EP

Toronto alternative-grunge unit Spells of Vertigo released their first single “Baby Born (With No Brain)” earlier in June. Now as July moves on, the trio have since released their debut Soaked EP.

Lead singer Keegan Powell mentioned the original inspiration for the freshly formed band: “I wanted to create a tool for myself and the band to idealize any creative inclination that came to mind…without feeling like we were straying away from some kind of irrational initial pact which dictates what is correct and not correct. The best thing for us was to create this question mark which we keep coming back to…Where the results are different each time but the raw DNA is always the same…”

Spells of Vertigo (Photo courtesy of Auteur Research)
Spells of Vertigo
(Photo courtesy of Auteur Research)

Connecting together lo-fi rock, dark hints of grunge, and the melodic side of DIY-fuzz rock, the new EP jumps around from the upbeat opener “Telegenic”, to the heavy, shadowy “Baby Born”, before closing with the expressive, six-minute “Clover”. Powell’s earlier mentioning of their music’s “raw DNA” is a clear building block for the shadow-stricken debut EP.

Listen to the lead single here:

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