Sights & Sounds from RBC’s Ottawa Bluesfest: July 14, 2015

Choruses of “rain, rain, go away / Come again some other day” could be heard across the festival on Tuesday as the brief, yet torrential downpour left the shoes and shirts of festival goers soaked – but not their spirits. Even the sudden drop in temperature could not hold fans back as the excitement and energy of the concerts kept everyone warm and happy. We captured some of that energy in the photo gallery below.

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Photo by Eric Mahoney
Photo by Eric Mahoney

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New Swears


Ottawa-based party rockers New Swears opened up the evening on Tuesday to an intense and fun-loving crowd. Keeping up with the band’s music and lively stage presence, the crowd’s moshing, singing, and everything in between came together for an amazing time.

Future Islands 

Formed almost 10 years ago, Maryland synth pop group Future Islands swooned the crowd at Ottawa Bluesfest with their enthralling music and captivating performance. Amongst the chromatic backdrop, below the darkening sky, and looming rain cloud, the dynamic style of their music shown through the contrasting setting.

Black Lips


Atlanta, Georgia garage-rock band Black Lips braved the chance of rain and performed to fans new and old. With a discography that spans almost 10 years, their set included hits old and new.

Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros 

Los Angeles, California is the birth place of psychedelic-folk ensemble Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic ZerosTheir 60s-inspired sound and collective spirit drew a packed crowd for the performance. Originally the group was fronted by Alex Ebert (a.k.a Edward Sharpe) and Jade Castrinos, but in recent years the vocal pair broke up, and left Ebert with the lead vocal duties. Performing hits from each of their highly-acclaimed albums, the performance ended with their breakthrough hit “Home”. Traditionally in the song, there is a story of how Ebert and Castrinos fell in love, but due to their split, the lead singer made his way into the crowd to find someone else’s story to share. As he swerved his way through the crowd, he discovered a young couple standing together in hopes of hearing a story of love; Erbet landed on more than just a story: a continuation and initiation of the couple’s next chapter through an impromptu marriage proposal.

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