Guide to RBC’s Ottawa Bluesfest: July 18, 2015

Even though Friday evening proved to be a rainy one, audiences’ spirits remained vibrant and dry with electrifying performances from Dropkick Murphys and The Tragically Hip (to name a few) brought together Ottawa music lovers. Now that Saturday is upon us, Bluesfest 2015 has come to its final days – so don’t miss out on the last few performances of the festival! For tickets and more information, check out the Bluesfest website.

Moroccan Sun 

3PM: Bell Stage  Ottawa indie pop quintet Moroccan Sun (formerly known as Finding Chuck) are known for their high-energy performances and polished pop sound. Composed of twin brothers, a cousin, and two close friends, their tight-knit connections translate over into their exceptional indie rock sound.

Riishi Von Rex

4PM: Claridge Homes Stage  Psychedelic-gypsy rock duo Riishi Von Rex and drummer Michel Delage combine bewitching alternative rock and a Janis Joplin-esque songwriting and performance approach. Returning for their second time to Ottawa Bluesfest, the dark and stormy duo continue to impress unsuspecting audiences.

The Beaches

430PM: Canadian Stage Toronto all-girl rock band The Beaches take their infectious pop hooks, female prowess, and uncompromising alternative rock energy and launch it towards the audience with youthful intensity, yet mature intent. Compared to the likes of HAIM, their on stage attitude is gritty and intriguing.

Larry McCray 

5PM: Bell Stage  American blues guitarist Larry McCray has been crafting his skill since he was a young boy back in the 1970s. Years of practice and dedication lead to his 1991 debut album Ambition, introducing his talent and soulful voice to the blues world. Decades later, his booming presence and awe-inspiring guitar playing continues to captivate audiences everywhere.


6PM: Claridge Homes Stage  New York post-punk revival trio Interpol returned from their much-needed hiatus by releasing their fifth studio album El Pintor in September 2014. Part of the iconic 2000s NYC indie rock scene (alongside notable acts The Strokes, and The National), Interpol quickly became a major name in the genre, and have since built a long-serving, devoted fan base.

Buck N’ Nice 

7PM: Canadian Stage  Ottawa hip-hop act Buck N’ Nice are composed of MC SawBuck and DJ/Producer DJ So Nice (hence the name). Their debut album Us Verus Them was released October 2014, showcasing their jazz-sampling, soulful style. Drawing from their surroundings and life experiences, their thoughtful, conscious lyrics give them a much-needed edge on the competition.

Simple Plan 

8PM: Claridge Homes Stage  Montreal pop-punk/alternative rock group Simple Plan have been around since 1998. With countless hits over the years, their music has gradually become nostalgic for many and entertaining for all. Although they have not released any music since 2011’s Get Your Heart On!, their appearance at Ottawa Bluesfest has been an anticipated performance.


830PM: Monster Energy Stage  California rapper/producer G-Eazy released his studio debut These Things Happen last June and since then has exploded onto the hip-hop scene, opening for the artists such as Lil Wayne and Snoop Dogg. His sleek style and confident demeanour transposes into his music with favourable results.


945PM: Monster Energy Stage  Dropped out of high school, kicked out of his alcoholic mother’s house, and deep in an environment of drugs and crime, Maryland-native Logic broke out of that world, and began honing his songwriting skills and perfecting his lyricism and rapping. Launching his hip-hop career was the monumental shift in his life, quickly becoming a well-known name in the genre. His slick, consistent flow and profound admiration in Frank Sinatra has shaped his style and the person he is today.

= Honourable mentions 


3PM: Myers Brothers Band (Blues) – Monster Energy Stage 

315PM: K.I.D. (Indie lo-fi pop) – Canadian Stage 

330PM: Brandon Allan (Folk/Singer-songwriter) – Barney Danson Theatre 

430PM: T.J.  Wheeler (Blues) – Monster Energy Stage 

5PM: Musk Ox (Chamber) – Barney Danson Theatre 

545PM: FRAYD (Electronic) – Canadian Stage *

6PM: Nick Moss (Blues/Southern) – Monster Energy Stage 

630PM: David Maxwell Reflection (Jam session) – Barney Danson Theatre 

7PM: Air Supply (Soft rock) – Bell Stage 

715PM: Lowrider Band (Blues/Reggae/Latin fusion) – Monster Energy Stage 

830PM: Milky Chance (Indie folk pop) – Canadian Stage *

915PM: Deep Purple (Classic rock) – Bell Stage 

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