Sunshine & the Blue Moon – Lucy

Sunshine & the Blue Moon consider themselves a “nostalgic bunch”. Releasing their music on vinyl and tape, recording their videos on film and super8, the indie lo-fi quintet prefer to keep things simple and genuine. When it comes to music their values carry over, drawing on ’60s rock, and timeless, laid-back groove of ’70s soul.

Sunshine & the Blue Moon
Sunshine & the Blue Moon

After releasing their Demos EP earlier this year, the Toronto-based group have signed with indie label The Hand Recordings, and are set to release their debut LP in the fall.

With the excitement building and the anticipation growing, Sunshine & the Blue Moon have put together a music video for their lead single “Lucy”.

Our new video “Lucy” was directed and shot on super8 film bour best friend and honorary band member Laura-Lynn Petrick (….Mac Demarco, Calvin Love, Michael Rault…) in the heart of winter. We’re releasing it now since it seems completely inappropriate.  We had no intention of using this footage for a music video, but it just looked so great we thought might as well use it for something.

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