The Delay in the Universal Loop – I’m Turning in the Wholeness (Official Music Video)

Eccentric Italian electronic musician The Delay in the Universal Loop (a.k.a Dylan Iuliano) specializes in producing eyebrow-raising, soul-tickling tracks. The 20 year old artist released his latest album Split Consciousnes on July 7th, and the 10-track collection showcased his talent for manipulating electronic textures and sounds and repurposing them into an inciting adventure.

Delay in the Universe (Photo courtesy of Planetary Group)
Delay in the Universe
(Photo courtesy of Planetary Group)

As he continues touring in support of the record, Iuliano has shared the trippy, brain-meddling visual counterpart for the single “I’m Turning in the Wholeness”.

Lasers, glitchy goats, multiple versions of himself, and space travel are just the tip of the iceberg as The Delay in the Universal Loop makes you question your sanity as the robotic track encompasses your attention and leaves you asking “What does it all mean?”.

Tour dates: 

August 30: Avelino, Italy – Flussi Festival
September 4: Haarlem, Netherlands – Patronaat
September 5: Haarlem, Netherlands – The Irrational Library
September 7: Bruxelles, Belgium – Chaff
September 16: Lille, France – Gare Saint Saveur
September 17: Würzburg, Denmark – Cairo
September 25: Leipzig, Denmark – Zoro
October 13 – 17: New York, NY – CMJ Festival
November 15, 16: Mexico City, Mexico – Festival Ajusco
November 21: Houston, TX – For the Community Festival

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