Jennifer Budd – Don’t Even (Official Music Video)

Raised from a young age on musicals and folk music, and inspired by her mother who was a church singer, Jennifer Budd has been writing songs as long as she can remember. Currently based out of Hamilton, Budd has released her latest single “Don’t Even” along with it’s accompanying music video.

Jennifer Budd
Jennifer Budd (Photo by Katie Benfey)

Belting out soulful verses and chorus, Budd’s powerful voice is perfectly suited for the soul-pop track, partnered with blaring horns, and slick R&B melodies for the tension-filled feud between lovers. Hints of blues, funk, neo-soul, and prowess of gospel enchant their way into her music.

Releasing her upcoming album Lip Service on November 13th, you can find more of her music on her website including a live recording album showcasing her breathtaking talent.

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