TIO – Through the Heavy Clouds (Official Music Video)

Combining cool, sedated hooks with textured synths, and spacious tones and sounds, dream-pop/electronic group TIO have released their latest single “Through the Heavy Clouds”.

Telling the story of distant lovers through two separate cameras, the new music video artistically provides an ever-changing backdrop for the dreamy, M83-esque track.


TIO explain:

The noise of time is not sad. Time lingers and repeats through the camera. Captured and re-captured, played and re-played, we see each other through the lens of time. Two worlds, two cameras: Through the Heavy Clouds captures two lovers separated by space, but connected through images and fragments of the personal. Alone, yet together, we relive our lives through the eye of the camera. Fragments of time captured and relived, re-experienced, and re-imagined in the heart.” 

The single for available for free through the soundcloud link below. Their debut EP is expected to hit shelves this October and you can visit their website for more information.

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