Sights & Sounds of CityFolk Festival: September 19, 2015

High winds, rain, and good ol’ rock n’ roll.

Saturday’s lineup was wonderfully diverse: folk quartet The Barr Brothers opened the day, Arcade Fire’s Will Butler, Saskatchewan rockers The Sheepdogs, and Icelandic folk pop group Of Monsters & Men all took the stage.

To capture the evening’s performances, we sent out Ottawa-based photographer Connor Evans to CityFolk. Follow him on Instagram, and view more of his work at his website.

CityFolk - September 19

Barr Brothers

You can never quite fully understand how creative and experimental the Barr Brothers are with sound until you experience it live; extra strings, modified cymbals, and even a bicycle wheel. Like ’30s sound effects crews, the Montreal-based act generate effects normally reserved for pedals with arbitrary items and devices. Having released their latest album Sleeping Operator last year, the Barr Brothers have amassed a growing fan base and rightfully so.

Buy their album here, and follow them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


Canada’s favourite rock n’ roll group The Sheepdogs had the important task of weathering the rain on Saturday night and did so with head-on enthusiasm. Their latest album Future Nostalgia comes out October 2nd, but for now check out their website for all their music, plus follow them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Of Monsters and Men

Folk pop group Of Monsters and Men will forever be known for their hit single “Little Talks”, but on top of their early success, the Icelandic group continue to release anthemic, powerful tracks. Their live performances are just as moving and intense, giving CityFolk audiences an exciting Saturday evening. Their latest album Beneath the Skin is available now, and you can stay up to date through their Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

View more photos from this past weekend including Thursday and Friday night.

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