Milo McMahon – All Or Nothing (Official Music Video)

Dublin-born, Montreal-based musician Milo McMahon released his Who I Knew EP on July 14th, introducing the world to his music with the single “Caveman”. Rolling with the tides, McMahon has announced his first ever European tour. To coincide with the exciting news, the singer-songwriter has released the vintage-filtered music video for his next single “All Or Nothing”.

Milo McMahon  (Photo courtesy of Milo McMahon)
Milo McMahon
(Photo courtesy of Milo McMahon)

“When not on tour, I perform improv comedy at Theatre St Catherine in Montréal. I’ve always thought it would be fun to have my hilarious friends in a music video, so when this opportunity came up, I jumped on it. Surfing the net one day, I came across the videos of 5443, an independent production studio here in Montréal. They produce comedy shorts in VHS that look like they’re from the 80s. I saw this as an opportunity to combine the worlds of music, live theatre and indie film making that are all thriving in this city. The goal was to make a video that was as fun to watch as it was to make.”

It’s always a good sign when Mrs.Doubtfire is incorporated in a music video – even when the protagonist gets his heart broken.

Take a look at the tour dates below and listen to Who I Knew in full here.

Tour dates:

Sep 25 – Sin É / Dublin, IRL
Sep 26 – The Harbour Bar / Bray, IRL
Sep 30 – The Skerries / Bangor, UK
Oct 1 – Maguire’s Pizza Bar / Liverpool, UK
Oct 2 – The Commercial / Wrexham, UK
Oct 3 – Percy’s Coffee & Curios / Whitchurch, UK
Oct 4 – Swan & Railway / Wigan, UK
Oct 5 – Apotheca / Manchester, UK
Oct 6 – The Owl Sanctuary / Norwich, UK
Oct 7 – The Doghouse / Nottingham, UK
Oct 8 – The Dog & Whistle / Hertford, UK
Oct 9 – The White Hart Hotel / Bridgwater, UK
Oct 10 – Old Hat / Southend-on-Sea, UK
Oct 11 – Nambucca / London, UK
Oct 14 – No Man’s Land / Lorraine, FR
Oct 15 – Hurricane’s Boun / Tours, FR
Oct 16 – Monster’s Art / Frejus, FR
Oct 17 – Ost West Club / Merano, IT
Oct 18 – De Buze / Steenwijk, NL
Oct 19 – Noch Besser Leben / Leipzig, GER
Oct 20 – Café A Genne Komm / Eygelshoven, NL
Oct 21 – Café Koos / Zwolle, NL

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