A Yawn Worth Yelling – Start Somewhere (Official Music Video)

This isn’t the first we’ve heard of San Fran indie pop group A Yawn Worth Yelling, and it certainly won’t be the last. The upbeat four piece recently shared their Play Pretend EP on September 18th, and now have released the visual accompaniment for the lead single “Start Somewhere”.

A Yawn Worth Yelling (Photo courtesy of Planetary Group)
A Yawn Worth Yelling
(Photo courtesy of Planetary Group)

Irresistibly catchy and vibrant, “Start Somewhere” opens with a California-coast ukelele riff, combined with the groove-driven bass line, and lead singer Tyler Boyd’s pop-friendly vocals giving it an appealing charm. Transforming that breezy, fun-loving demeanour into a visual creation, the music video for “Start Somewhere” is a short love story with an interesting twist.

Listen to the Play Pretend EP and head to their website for more information.

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