Dralms – Shook (Official Music Video)

It has been a busy year for Vancouver songwriter Christopher Smith; the mind behind minimalist electronic act Dralms, he has released two EPS: Crushed Pleats and Pillars & Pyres, played a number of shows, and released the full length Shook on October 2nd.

Dralms  (Photo by Katrin Braga; courtesy of Webster Media)
(Photo by Katrin Braga; courtesy of Webster Media)

Adding to the list, the music video for the lead single and title track “Shook” has been released. Having a keen eye for detail, and new ideas, the visual accompaniment features revolving flowers, a mattress, and Smith slowly spinning in the centre.

As for the song, it was previously described as “…hauntingly spellbinding, and pleasingly alluring, ‘Shook’ gently seeps through the speakers like a melting block of ice”.

Listen to the Pillars & Pyres EP and head to his website to find his European tour dates and more.

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