Sixteen Scandals – Don’t Call Me Shirley

Sixteen Scandals
Sixteen Scandals

Toronto loudmouth trio Sixteen Scandals (not to be confused with the Canadian comedy troupe) are excited to unleash their alternative-punk debut full-length Create & Destroy on December 4th. Fittingly named, the band themselves admit their existence as a unit is along a similar path:

“Sixteen Scandals was created for the sole purpose of destruction. The kind of destruction some good friends with a camera, some gasoline and a book of matches get up to. Skateboarding a rusty ramp with no shirt on. Setting fireworks off in your hands. Nothing to show for it but memories, some burns and a smile from ear to ear. We didn’t write a bunch of songs to get rich and quit our day jobs, we wrote them to play in sweaty little clubs to people who like to break themselves for fun. Sixteen Scandals was not built to last, we were made to burn”.

Ready for demolition, Sixteen Scandals have shared their new lead single “Don’t Call Me Shirley”. Exploding with punk rock intensity, and pop-punk melody, the new single is an impressive introduction to the upcoming collection that blends together pent-up aggression and impulsive, irresponsible fun.

You can pre-order the album and buy the new single through their bandcamp. Plus, the band members are more than just musicians – check out their self-declared roles in the band below:

Zazoo Pittz:  Singer, guitarist, skater, dances like a three-year-old at a wedding
Isaac Correia: Bassist, backing vocals, professional high-fiver, Jack Daniels enthusiast, chocolate baron
Dave Skrtich: Drummer, backing vocals, math wizard, actual wizard,“Dad Joke” connoisseur


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