Hannah Diamond – Hi (Official Music Video)

Hannah Diamond (Photo by Diamond Wright Photography; courtesy of The Windish Agency)

Representing half of the photography duo Diamond Wright, U.K. visual artist Hannah Diamond has refocused her creative attention as a pop star with the release of her latest single “Hi”, and the accompanying music video.

Draped in glossy, Barbie-esque colours and glistening realism, the new music video tells the story of a virtual companionship; a concept that has become increasingly relevant in the modern day:

“The song is the story of an online relationship, not with one specific person, but with all the people you interact with, and how it can often feel really isolating in online spaces despite being constantly surrounded by others. It’s about interacting with people who often only show small segments of their life, and the dilemmas around authenticity that this presents. It’s been insightful seeing first-hand the conclusions people draw on what is considered ‘real’ with reference to people, and particularly girls, who live a lot of their lives in online spaces. As someone who has regularly had their own authenticity challenged since I started releasing music, this aspect feels very personal to me.” 

Mirroring her sparkling, polished appearance, “Hi” combines elements of Euro-pop, computer-generized melodies, and high-pitched “chiptune” (a genre dubbed by her label PC Music) for a hyper-porcelen bubblegum hit.

Head to her website to hear more of her music and check out the Diamond Wright Photography page.  

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