Album Releases: Week of November 20, 2015

Alternative / Rock / Indie

Blue Jean Committee [Bill Hader & Fred Armisen] – Catalina Breeze (Folk/Americana/Comedy)

Disappears – Low: Live in Chicago (David Bowie cover/Alternative rock)

The Provincial Archive – The Provincial Archive EP (Indie rock)



Arca – Mutant (Experimental electro-pop)

Martin Crane – Physical Therapy (Electro-pop/Singer-songwriter)

Fantastic Modern – Fantastic Modern EP (Electro-dance)

Pye Corner Audio – Prowler (Electronic/Future-synth)


Hip – hop / Rap / R&B / Soul

Freddie Gibbs – Shadow Of A Doubt (Hip-hop)



Adele – 25 (Pop)

Enya – Dark Sky Island (Chamber-pop)



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